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sparse matrix operations for the Yorick language
Sparse Operations with Yorick is a plugin for Yorick (an interpreted computer
language specialized for numerical and scientific problems) that allows
performing efficient operations on sparse matrices. This software is also
available for the commercial language IDL.
* Utilizes a sparse row-wise format optimized for fast matrix-vector
* Structure implementation for user-friendly interface on the Yorick/IDL
scripting level
* Explicit memory handling on the scripting level
* As of v1.2 portable to 64-bit computing platforms
* Offers basic matrix algebra and manipulation in single or double precision
* Offers scripts for solving linear systems by e.g. conjugate gradients
* Offers saving of sparse structures on a common FITS format or an internal
binary format. Using the FITS format makes the saved matrices portable
between the IDL/Yorick distributions.
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